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Rock Island 9mm Hi-cap questions.


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So I just read through the 14-pages of the other thread, and can't seem to either find the answer I need, or have thoroughly confused myself. So I will keep it simple and to the point.

I am looking at the .22TCM/9mm (RI51947)

Does this have an Ambi-safety from the factory? Which hi-caps (numbers please) have the ambi from factory if not.

If using STI mags, what is the deal with the aftermarket mag-catches. What is the purpose, and are they needed?

I understand that a little fitting of the STI mags may be needed to drop free, if using 140's is the special mag catch needed to keep from over inserting the mag, or something else. Also if using a 140, it should not matter what base pad is used because the mag will be below the magwell correct?

Has anyone used SV mags, or the clones with any success?

What can I expect round count wise in a 140 (9mm) with a dawson pad +1 or SNL?

Has anyone used the Taran Tactical 4g kits with any success?


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Here's what I can tell you thus far from my vast experience on this subject.... :blink:

I picked up my 51947 yesterday so I have just about 24hrs. experience with this gun and it's my first RIA.

From reading the other thread the OP is talking about I leaned a few things and tried a few things with spare parts I had laying around.

First I disassembled the gun completely and wiped it down, these things have more oil in them than my Tundra...

A SVI interchangeable trigger slipped right in, there was both vertical and horizontal play in it but this trigger has been used in a couple of other STI's so I don't know how a new one would fit up. Then started "adjusting" (tweaking and bending) the sear spring and got the trigger pull down to around 2.5lbs with no hammer follow at all. The trigger felt great until i put the grips back on and then it would not fall. The back corners of the trigger bow were contacting the inside of the grip panels. I locked them gently in my "vise"(held in hand) and took a bit off with an "endmill" (Orange grinder wheel in Dremel). Removed some from the inside of the grip, which there is not a whole lot to begin with and then took some off the corners of the bow. The hammer was able to fall, reset and repeat. There was not a lot of overtravel though.

I put a light recoil master in it just to see if it fit ok and it dropped right in. Will have to shoot it with and without to see which way I like more.

Magazines... I tried a 122mm SVI, a 140 SVI(Old Style) and a 140 STI. All magazines seated, dropped free and hand cycled ammunition with no problem with the stock mag release, 147 grain Bear Creek TC's at 1.160OAL.


Stock Mag...


122mm SVI Mag...


140mm SVI Mag...


140mm STI Mag


Overall so far I am really impressed with this firearm. The fit and finish is great. No slop in the barrel, no rattle in the gun, all the features that are included with this for the price... From some of the posts I read I did not think it was going to be a ramped barrel but it is, C/P cut. I think I paid $665 delivered, a steal for what you get IMHO.

I have not shot it yet, range is closed all weekend but am going to stop by range on Monday Night and run some rounds through it.

Hope some of this helps.


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Oh two things I forgot to mention. On the trigger... I am going to have to fit the grip safety leg as the bow is obviously longer than the stock the leg of the grip safety is not dropping down behind it... easy fix. The Magwell... Not sure what the set screw in the bottom of the magwell is for as the magwell, once I got it back on, VERY TIGHT FIT, and the mainspring housing pin back in, was not going anywhere.


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Just got back from range a bit ago...

Stock mag... No problems

SVI Mags... No problems

STI Mag... Locked back with 1 round in mag

Repeated each mag 3 times with 4 rounds in mag.

Stock and SVI Mags... No problems

STI Mag locked back with one round in mag all 3 times

On STI mag prob a combo of follower and slide lock. Definitely the slide lock has room to be filed down on inside but I won't do it as I had planned on running SVI's anyway.

Accuracy was acceptable, need to order a taller front sight from Dawson, which I was going to do anyway. The one that comes with looks to be a .125 and I like a

.100 to .110. It was hitting 1 to 2 inches high at 25yds with rear sight buried.

Very soft shooting with light recoil master with good ejection, 5 to 6 feet and in a nice little pile. Load was 147gr bear creeks wit 3.1 of AA Nitro 100NF, forgot chrono at home but that is my production load for M&P pro.

Lowered trigger pull to 2lbs. With factory sear/disconnector/hammer... No problems.

Even more impressed with this for the price.... Now looking at the 51961 Single Stack;)

Hope this helps.


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