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STI Grip Reduction gone bad


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I wanted to reduce the front strap and add pre molded grip tape to My STI grips.

I took the front strap checkering off with a dremel and hand sanded it down to a pretty even surface then applied grip tape using a heat gun (blow Dryer)

it turned out looking and feeling great. At the second match I had trouble with mags falling cleanly from the gun I now think I went to thin on the front and My grip is holding the mags in place

My question is there a way to add some epoxy or something to the front strap to build it up a bit then re apply grip tape?

Help Please

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I did the same thing , it's hard to stop when you are close to perfection...Yup, I tried epoxy, Steel strips, all the things you are thinking...

Buy a new grip , you know you will end up doing it , then starting all over again..Good luck..

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I was going to give this a try until I found the Extreme Shooter sight.


They make the grips for the new STI DVC.

For $160 bucks you get a fully stippled and reduced grip. When the new ones cost $110 from Brownell's, I couldn't pass it up.

Ordered it on Friday, it shipped on Friday and I had it in hand Monday.


Came out great.

Superb product, great service.

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Wgj3, that's exactly what it's doing. Because if you just hold the gun not on the clock, they'll drop free. They only hang up when you are squeezing them during a stage. I've removed all his Dremel privileges for a while.

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I thinned my grip until it was pretty flexible and did this. Masked the areas I did not want epoxy on and spread a coat of regular JB weld on. Used black beauty medium grit blast media and tapped it into the epoxy. Wait about 30 minutes and remove the tape and touch up the edges with a little more media. No more flex and a great feeling grip. I have grip tape on my other guns and like this much better.


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