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svi short vs long 9mm ejector


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How can I tell which one I got?

Im haveing trouble with weak ejection in my new 9 major gun and Im troubleshooting things.

If I dont hold the gun superhard I get FTE's most of the time resulting in crushed brass

running 10lbs recoil spring

extractor tension seems right though, it holds the case like it should.

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thanks, Ill try it, I've ran aprox 1500 rounds through it so far, so may need more breaking it as well

I got hold of 7lbs, but awaiting my order for 8 and 9 lbs

short video, holding it hard

some jam pics




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It looks like you get a fireball out of the ejection port on some of those shots in the first video. Is this because the barrel is unlocking too soon before the bullet leaves the barrel?

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finally got hold of an aftec and tuned it myself, really had to take off quite a bit so not to hit barrel, and it had a macheinging error so it wouldnt slide through, but.. some hours later it fit!

throws brass 6 feet now, and pretty much same place!

usually it would do <1 feet and random direction

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the slot in the rear where fireing pin block goes wasnt cut straight, so It would never slide in, had to level the aftec, in front where the hook is, I had to remove quite a bit material,.

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