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airsoft ISPC steel competition/pratice


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Hi guys I'm John Kennedy and I'm from Mesa Arizona. I have periodically been on this forum trying to promote ISPC type Airsoft pistol and rifle competition. I just like to bring to your attention that someone is putting on matches in the Arizona area of exactly this type.

The organization is shoot right run by Rob Potter. Spent some time with Rob showing them what I have been trying to do and he has gone out there and done it. You can now go to and IASS match and take nothing but your entry fee. The weapons to compete and ammunition will be supplied. You can also bring your own weapons as long as you're in the compliance with the basic rules of this competition venue. Much like real steel and you can find videos of some of the different matches that have been put on recently. The best one that made a video was the one that was done last year down in Yuma.
I hope the management of the Airsoft forum will take a few minutes to contact Rob Potter at shoot right as I believe this will be a growing sport for our members and a great place to develop the skills needed for mil Sim operations and competition pratice..
Feel free to contact me at ppps@cox.net any time for links or any other information.IASS can only improve our sport.
I leave you with a link to airgun Depot that will tell you little more about the IASS program.
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