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Slide Lightening?


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Im considering lightening my M&P 9 pro slide for 2 different reasons, the first being to lighten the second recoil impulse (the slide returning to battery) and to allow my to run lighter springs and ultimately lower PF ammo (3 gun so PF doesnt matter as long as it will knock the steel over)

the second being I think it looks cool

have any of yall lightened you pro slides?
how much differance did it make in secondary recoil?

have you experimented with lighter springs/lower PFs? if so how light/low could you go?

also if anyone has cool pictures to show off, I always like looking at cool pictures :)

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IMO, slide lightening on an M&P 9 Pro is a waste of money. Devalues the gun and just isn't necessary. It also makes the gun unusable for USPSA production division. The slide weighs what it is supposed to weigh, unless the gun is ported or compensated. Secondary recoil? :rolleyes: Unless you are a GM...probably not enough to notice. You can run a lighter spring without carving up your gun. Just my .02 worth.

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