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Recoil spring help


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Back in 1991 I got a "Quickie Comp" system for my 1911. The recoil spring has never been changed and it is a captured type. It also isn't the typical 1911 size spring. It is shorter and the inside diameter is smaller too. It doesn't have a bushing, instead the barrel tapers up to a bull barrel at the end right up to the threads.

I have a reciol spring tester on order to try and figure out the poundage but for the rest of it, I am at a loss.

The round that I am pushing out of it is a 200gr Extreme round nose with 7.8gr of Auto Comp. It chroned between 950 and 985.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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A recoil spring tester measures the number of pounds of weight that it takes to compress a spring to a know distance.

(For a 1911 you need to compress the spring to 1.625 inches)

You will need to know the distance to correctly measurer the poundage of the spring.

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