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Tactical Priority/Tactical Sequence


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This is probably a very easy question for you course designers out there but it seems to keep being a subject of confusion and contention at the matches I attend (at least for us common folk).

What does this statement mean?

"Tactical Sequence may not be combined with Tactical Priority (near-to-far or from cover) on the same targets."

Does "on the same targets" mean exactly what it says (target grouping) or are they trying to say on the same stage?

A recent example we saw had two layers of two targets 6 feet one inch apart and the instruction was to shoot them all in tactical sequence.

What would the proper way to shoot that or is it simply an illegal stage since they aren't equal threat (which is also a requirement for tactical sequence)?

Can I tell the shooter to shoot the first two targets of a stage in tactical sequence, then the rest of the targets in a stage in tactical priority?

Maybe I'm overthinking this.

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I think "same targets" means target grouping.

I think the array you described is IDPA-legal, and you'd have to engage the near pair of targets in tactical sequence, and then the far pair of targets in tactical sequence.

It would be illegal if there were only two targets, one at 5 yards and one at 8 yards (unequal tactical priority), and you were asked to engage them in tactical sequence.

Someone chime in if I'm wrong, since IANAIDPAL.

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First of all sequence targets are by definition equal threats. Both Tac-Priority and Tac-Sequence does not allow the CoF to define the order of engagement for threats that are equal. Equal threats are always "in any order".

If your targets are not of equal threat [for example targets farther apart than 2 yards], they will always be shot near to far or slice the pie from cover.

You can't tell a shooter how to shoot a Tac-Sequence array. The Tac-Sequence rule defines order of engagement. A stage description can not override the rulebook. See Rule 6.1 for more on overriding the rules set in the rule-book. There is not such thing as "priority sequence" or sequence shot in a priority.

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