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Dillon 650 speed loader (Extended casefeed tube add on)

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I came up with this little add on to my 650 because I got tired of stopping frequently to load casings in the feed tube and don't want to get a case feeder. As can be seen in the pictures it's little more than some acrylic tubes and a coupler on top of the Dillon feed tube.

The tubes came from ebay and are 3/4"x1/2"x36" (OD, ID, length). After cleaning up the ends of the tubes, a hole was drilled about 1 1/2" from one end of each to accept a clip (made from 12ga copper wire) similar to primer pickup tubes.

The coupler was made on my woodworking lathe from a piece of nylon rod. About 3 1/2" of rod was first turned down to a little under 1" and drilled out at 9/16". The hole was then enlarged to 3/4" for a depth of about 1 1/4" to fit the acrylic tube. The fit was a bit too tight so it was scraped out for an easy slip fit. Parting off at 3 1/4" and reverse chucking, the other end was drilled out to 11/16" for about 1 1/4". Lacking the proper drill bit to match the Dillon tube, much scraping was required to enlarge the hole for a snug friction fit. A small section is left in the middle at 9/16" to act as a stop for both tubes.

In use the speed loader tubes hold 47 9mm casings. The Dillon tube on the press holds 24. I preload the press, add a full speed loader tube, and pull the pin. (That sounds ominous.) When the casings drop below the coupler I load another tube. Working this way I can run 2 boxes of primers before I have to reload the press and 4 tubes.

Two problems were discovered in use. First don't let the casings drop from the speed loader into an empty feed tube. The force is enough to bend the rim of the bottom casing or two. Secondly, a jam developed at the entry to the casefeed adapter where it reduces ID off the end of the feed tube. The bevel was shallow enough that the increased column weight was causing canted casings to wear a ridge and hang up. The solution was as simple as reaming out the adapter to increase the bevel angle. I happened to have an appropriate reamer, but it could have just as easily been done on the lathe.

Hope this little idea helps someone.





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Very cool!

I made something similar. My design replaces the Dillon feed tube. So I pop it out, mine pops in, pull the pin on the bottom, and goto town! Mine hold 25 38 special cases each and I have four (since I would run out of primers at 100 anyway.

I don't use them anymore.. because I finally got a case feeder.

It sure made life easier until then though!

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