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Dillon Square Deal B Shell plate wont advance

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If your standing in front of the press like your loading the indexer returns but too far torwards the front of the machine so it doesn't catch the hole in the bottom of the shell plate to rotate it. i have to press the indexer slightly before pushing the handle upwards to make it catch each time. i have read through quite a few forums and i dont see this issue for the square deal. any ideas? i do plan on calling dillon and im sure they will take care of it but i need to load about 800 rounds over the next two days for a practice and a major match so that wont help me right now. so any input someone may have could help me avoid a lot of frustration while im loading all that ammo.

thanks in advance

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How old is your machine? On newer machines there is a set screw on the right side of the shaft that stops the index lever from travelling too far to the right. Back it out 1/4 turn then test it again.

Bought it new from brian's site in Jan. 2014. I will check that when i get home from work. Thanks for your help. Is there a step by step or a video you know of that describes/shows dissasembly? I've never taken more than the shell plate off and I should probably go through it and check and clean and lube everything

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So the screw in the side didn't have any effect that I noticed. I did figure it out though and its fixed now. The bolt that mounts the indexer assembly had came pretty loose and was letting the indexer sit out of alignment. I had to tighten it up about a turn and a half to get it to snug up. Now its good to go and I don't even have to get any replacement parts. Can't wait to load a crap load of ammo tomorrow...haha

Thanks for your quick response. Good customer service from Dillon

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