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Grip size?


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Is there an ideal size (circumference) for a handgun grip? I've been playing with different grip panels on my CZs, and it changes the feel of the guns pretty dramatically. Is there a "best size" or is it simply what you get used to?

I understand the trigger reach issue, but my hands are big enough that the different grip panels don't significantly affect my trigger reach. What the various grips DO affect is the ease of access to the mag release and the amount of "meat" on the grip from my support hand.

Thanks in advance!

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I shoot variations of my work guns because I like them (m&p's)

the 1st thing I look at in a pistol is the grip size for all the reasons you mention ++++ grip size as I wear a mens size 8 glove.

glocks had grips reductions. Larry sent me extended mag release and slide release. sold them all anyway.

baretta's are vertecs

1911's s&a thin grips

m&p's small 1.

so it's an all important its a package u build to use for whatever the specific purpose is.

takes work also. not as much as the primary but still a lot of work

good luck


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I noticed that some like a grip that fills their hand more, while others like a smaller grip. I was just wondering if there was a "correct" size that would/could aid in better shooting.

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