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Comments on difference in primers for 38 Super Comp


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I use SRP, SPMag and SPP depends what I can get

Power Factor doesn't seem to change more than a point so I don't concern myself with it

I keep a stash of Fed SRP for larger matches

Club/Local matches I shoot whatever I've got on hand

When it all finally gets back to some semblance of normal I'll use Fed SRP all the time

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i shoot both srp and spp in a variety of handguns and have never had a problem with any auto loader

the but is I don't put the super light striker spring in m&p's and glocks.

All my 1911's have 17lbs main springs in them to help with lock time speed and ignition

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I get more consistent velocities with small pistol mag primers. I assume they are burning all of the powder.

I haven't tried small rifel mag yet. I would expect similar results.

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