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any 10mm USP users here?


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I didn't find anything via search about anyone running a converted full size USP in 10mm, and was hoping to hear of experiences good/bad/otherwise. I have read about/talked to a few gents that have done it, but that was awhile ago, and it seems that the interest in 10mm is seeing a bit of a swell again?

I have a full size .40 with the original and a T barrel to be converted, jet funnel (STI and Para mags fit nicely?), will mill the slide to be able to clear a loaded round, and 16/18lb recoil springs to try...am I missing something? I (may?) understand the difficulties with the hardened chamber - the machining will not be done with a reamer for that reason.

Thanks in advance!

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If you use a 45 USP, then the magazine well will be long enough, but the magazine feed lips will probably be too wide and the breech face on the slide will be too big. Sounds like one of my projects- no offense intended.

PS: I carried a USP compact in .40 for a few years and really liked it.

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Thanks for the replies!

I had to go and double check myself just now, :cheers: but STI 10mm mags fit in the .40FS frame (upper/etc. is in pre-op across the country), strangely one fits nicer than the other and both are NIW? I struggled to find the two mags I have, and had to order them from two different suppliers as I was scrambling to get these right before CO mandated that 15rd mags are all I can purchase here. I know nothing about STI's, much less if there are mag dimension differences based on production/etc./etc.?

I double checked the Para 16-40 mag also, and it is just a bit looser fit in the .40 USP frame.

I looked long and hard for a conversion barrel to fit my Expert 45, only thing I could find was a .400 Corbon barrel that was all cobbled up with a DIY magnaport job, and lots of "no's" from the usual sources of barrels for these things.

Oh well, so it goes.

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