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Division capacity


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I ended up making the course of fire for our match today. For one stage, I had two strings. For the first string, you were loaded to 6 rounds.

for the Second string, I said that you load to Division capacity. I thought loading to Division capacity meant having one in the chamber +magazine to capacity.

I was told that it was only true at the start of the stage and the armchair lawyers had a field day fighting about it.

Is it different for strings?...just trying to learn.

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Thanks, I thought so. I lost in the end anyway because the MD shot first and he thought it was that way, so the SO's started the first two that way. MD> course designer.

I had sent four stages to our IDPA administrators, just to help out and was more than surprised when the whole course of fire yesterday was mine.

I thought they might use one or two stages, like they've done before.

I was just hoping they didn't do too much to them. One added a nineteenth round to one of my stages before (by accident) and I thought I was going to be lynched by the revolver shooters.

I didn't think this four would even fit in the building, but it did.

Everyone kept asking me...what was your intent on this stage? I don't know. My intent was to make it fun and help the normal guys that have to do this out.

Ok, in reality, we have a classifier next week so I did add some skills practice into a few of them.

I did decide that I don't like shooting stages I designed though.

Too hard to concentrate when people are asking me so many questions and pulling rules out of the book, some that don't apply.

It's really bad when you shoot your own stages like crap. I always have fun though.

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