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.40 and Unique


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Alliant's website shows a max charge of 7.2gr of Unique for a 165gr Speer Gold Dot HP loaded to 1.12" Out of their 4" test barrel, they show 1064fps for that charge. I would start at 6.5gr with the same length with a 165gr plated and see what you get.

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I have chrono data for unique and 165gr plated rainier tc bullets. I think it was shot out of an XD subcompact. What gun are you shooting it from?

It's in my notebook on my bench. I can post it tomorrow evening.

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I looked everywhere for my chrono data and can't find it. Had to have been on my computer and I must have lost it when I got a new computer. Probably missed backing it up.

I can say that I settled on rainier 165gr TC, 1.130" OAL, 5.5gr Unique, CCI spp.

That was for a target load for defensive pistol classes. I have no clue what the velocity was, just that it ran the gun, wasn't too hot and shot accurate enough out of my XD subcompact.

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Here's some data from today's testing:

Pistol: Glock 35

Temp: 103F

Load: 165 Grain BBI

C.O.A.L. 1.125

Remington 5 1/2 primer

Winchester cases

Charge. Avg Vel. SD. XD. PF

5.2. 973. 25.4. 45. 160

5.4. 1025. 21.2. 34. 169

5.6. 1047. 15.9. 28. 173

5.8. 1072. 12.7. 24. 177

6.0. 1108. 23.9. 50. 183

Each string was 10 rounds. The last string had one high round that threw off the numbers. Overall, the lighter charges didn't burn as effficiently as the heavier loads and it shows in the SD shrinking as charge increases.

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I have been using Unique in my STI Edge. 40 S&W.

5.2 to 6.0 grains with 165 grain xtreme plated bullets.

Seems to be quite a bit of flame coming out of the barrel, I tried a little more crimp,still about the same.

I use 5.6 grains with 180 grain FMJ.

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