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Where to buy Gold Team Cone Comp


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I am considering setting all my barrels up to be cone style and wanting to use the factory setup for measurements as the standard. Not sure I want to go with the factory threads, though.

Kneelingatlas, I am willing to go 50/50 on one with you if I can have it first for my prints.

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Atlas :

I got the 3 port for a 9mm Steel gun I put together, and just started shooting it last week. ( I'm in R&D right now )

I don't think this comp is a very good choice for shooting Major by itself, unless you add a few barrel ports to help it out,

then it might be okay. I put a few Major loads through it just to see, and for me personally it wasn't very flat.

It is however very light, which at times ( for what I'm using it for ) can be a good thing.

Best of luck.

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It looks like the port configuration is the same as this one which I opened it, I think with the big first port and 2-3 3/16" holes in the barrel it should be pretty sweet:

So the only off the shelf three port comp which would work for this project is for .40 and has holes which measure .4125", pretty loose for 9mm. Coincidentally 1/4" schedule 40 steel pipe has nearly the same ID/OD of a 9mm TS barrel, so I drilled out the holes in the comp, tapped them, and red loctited in a piece or pipe. I then used a ball end mill bit to re cut the ports (made the first one a little bigger too).





While I was milling out the ports I inadvertently milled some bleeders :blush: but it actually turned out pretty well :devil:


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That's pretty much it.

The only real difference it seems is the width from the back of the comp to the first port ( the one that you opened up ).

On the 3 port comp that I just got from EG it does not have as much to work with as what appears to be in your pics.

From the back of the comp to the opening of the first port, it measures 0.5200" inches.

You can open it up a little bit, may be not quite as much as you did with the one you have,

do to the barrel crown being somewhat closer to the opening of the first port.

You'll have to compare it to your other one and see how much you have to play with.

Adding the 3/16 holes in the barrel will definitely help out.

Best of luck.

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