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Need some help with latest build


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Hello, I recently assembled an AR for multigun. Over the weekend I got to the range to try it out, but ran into some problems. I had what seemed to be weak ejection (throwing brass at 2 o'clock), it was also short stroking. I was using hand loads, federal american eagle and federal 5.56 along with assorted p-mags.

Here is a list of the components I used.

Spikes tactical upper/lower

Satern barrel (18" rifle length gas 1/8 twist)

Sjc titan comp.

Slr adj. sentry 7 adj gas block (set screw type)

Voodoo innovations lightweight bcg

Magpul ctr stock, std carbine spring/buffer

I disassembled the rifle after I got home, I removed the gas block and checked alignment-was good.

I measured that gas port (.094). Reinstalled gas block and blew air thru gas tube. Checked the bolt/gas rings. All components used were brand new, rifle was properly lubricated. Is a there a problem with my buffer/buffer spring combination? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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When you say short stroking, was it failing to eject, failing to feed or?

Is the adj gas block full open?

Here's SLR's set up instructions -


If none of that is helpful, AR15.com has an entire sub-forum devoted to troubleshooting here, including a large topic on "short stroking" - http://www.ar15.com/forums/f_3/66_Troubleshooting.html

Edit to add - a quick Google search seems to indicate 0.100" as a minimum gas port size for an 18" rifle gas system. However, I'm sure folks more knowledgeable than me will weigh in on that one. Paging MarkCO.....

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