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S&W rebound spring as mainspring

stardust tommy

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this week I did some triggerwork on 2 Tanfoglio's (older limited and a gold custom .40)

I didn't have spare mainsprings but when I saw the spring it looked like a S&W rebound spring that was on my workbench.

I have them in 11, 12, and 13 lbs (cheap when you buy them by 10 by Wolff)

cut to the correct lenght and you have new mainsprings and you know how heavy your spring is...

I noticed that Tanfoglio custs the mainsprings on the "open class" pistols... I used a 12lbs and cut it to the normal lenght and got the same triggerpull as with the cut factory spring

normaly I don't work on Tanfo... so I didn't know all this

hopefully this is handy for some of you guys

gr Tom


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