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Redding Competition Pro Dies on a 650

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Are there any downsides to using the Redding dies on a Dillon XL650? I just got my 650 in last week and was setting it up tonight. After using the micrometer seating and crimping dies from Redding I guess I am just a little spoiled and trying to get the Dillon dies setup properly got me a little frustrated... Also on my bullets (Hornady HAPs & XTPs) I didn't feel the Dillon die fit the bullet profile very well in either cup.

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I have the Redding Seating and Crimp die for my 9 set up and love it. While I'm still pretty new, it helps. I recently purchased the Dillon conversion kit/dies for .40 which should be here this week, but I went ahead and ordered the Redding seating die (only) for the .40 set up. I may end up getting the crimp die as well, but for now, just the seating die.

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The Redding Comp Pro seating die is all I use in all my rifle and pistol calibers on my XL650

The Forster die is just as nice and cheaper but not quite long enough to touch the shell plate when using a Hornady lock ring on top.

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