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Holy Smokes! Look what I stumbled over! Clays!


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5 bottles of Clays! New bottles and still sealed.

I was surfing around on Gunbroker the other night and noticed in an listing for another powder there was a list of various powders a store in NC had for sale. In the ad it was "I also have blah, blah, blah, Clays, blah, blah". I thought it was probably part of an old listing and the Clays was long gone, but just in case I sent the guy an email to let him know if he still had the Clays, I would interested. Never thought I would hear back, but about an hour later I got an email from the guy and he tells me he only has 5 bottles left and would sell them to me for $20.00 each plus shipping of $19.00.

Short story is I jumped all over it. The Clays showed up the other day all nicely packaged and ready to be used, lol.

The store is Foothills Firearms in Yadkinville, NC. Really straight up folks and great to deal with.


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