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Ruger LCR .357 speed loaders?


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My primary reason to purchase this gun was because I have been having trouble with CCI .45acp shotshells. I doubt I will be carrying the LCR, but it is possible so I got a .357 rather than .38. I broke it in recently. It handles .357 great.

Anyway I plan to use it with CCI .38 shotshells on vermin in my barn etc. I don't want to keep it loaded with .38 shotshells, but want a quick way to pop in some when needed. I have no need to conceal a speedloader, let alone the gun, from the snakes, mice, etc.

Based on some reviews elsewhere I bought a couple of 5 Star Firearms speedloaders, and should receive them in a few days.

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Well, I did it the easy way for the hot summer months in Florida, I picked up last week an LCR in 9mm with moon clips (comes with 3).

The rubber hammer grips are ok, but I ordered a set of custom no finger grove Walnut grips fro it from badgercustomgrips.com.

It weighs in at just under 19oz loaded and loaded with Hydra-sho 124gr.

No problem carrying an extra moon clip or two with 5 rds each.

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