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Paid for Training Session.


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So I live in Michigan and I have a manufactures rep that owes me $500.00 for a little sales contest. He can't give me cash and I have to submit an invoice. I thought of using that for a private training session. I'd like to keep it within driving distance. MI, OH, IN, Since I grew up about 40 min south of where Robert Vogel lives I thought of him. Is there anyone else I should look into?

Here's my situation and what I want to accomplish.

I just got everything put together to shoot Production.

I've done some dry fire and mag changes and a few live fire sessions.

I haven't shot a match yet.

I feel my grip, stance, trigger control is pretty solid. I'm used to reloading between 5,000 and 10,000 rounds a year so I'm set in that department.

I spent 18 years in Cowboy Action Shooting where I was consistantly in the top 10 over-all when I would attend the world championships and won a ton of state and regional matches. It took a lot of dedication to stay at that level so I know and enjoy working at something to get better.

I would've never got to this skill level if I wasn't taught how to practice. "Practice don't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

So that is what I want out of this training session. When I go to the range and shoot 300 rounds I want to learn something. So I want to learn drills, dry fire practices. ect ect ect

Should I do this right off the bat? Will it be worth the money?

I know there are a lot of good books out there. I just would really like that one on one experience. That is what helped me the most in CAS.

Sorry for the long explaination.

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Ben Stoeger's 2-day 'Skills & Drills' class is specifically designed to teach you how to train using the appropriate drills. he doesn't teach technique in this class. he usually wants the students to be solid B class shooters to take the class but given your background i would think you'd probably be ok ... contact him to see what h says and look for a class in your area on his website.

haven't taken a class from Vogel but i've taken 2 from Ben .... you won't be disappointed ....

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I'm a Ben Stoeger book reader/user but if you're within driving distance of Vogel, I'd go with him.

I have spent a day at his range and found it very useful. I want to go back again sometime this year.

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