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Hello from Alberta!


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Decided to finally sign up here, I took my black badge course a year ago to the day yesterday, so still have a ton to learn!

I currently shoot a gen 2 glock 17 in production, wouldn't mind going to a 19 if I can afford it this year tho, damn my baby sized hands!

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Lol the glaciers are holding up fine, and the parks are looking more beautiful than ever. They just announced that they are going to be reintroducing Bison to banff!

I'm in Edmonton as I type this actually, had to spend the weekend up with the girlfriend at a conference she was going to. This city site has changed tho. Been three murders since we arrived Friday, and thier new bridge on Groat Ave went all crooked. Highly suggest looking up a pic or two lol

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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