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Glock 34 Gen 4 - Dawson Precision Sights help


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I have a new Glock 34 Gen 4. Bone stock. I shoot high with it, and the further I am from the target the higher the groups.

Here's what I have.

Site Radius is 7-9/16" or 7.5625"

Shots at 7 yards are 1.5" high from bullseye.

Shots at 15 yards are 4.5" high from bullseye.

Using Dawson's formula I come up with the following, for getting the proper height front sight.

7 yards - 7.5625" x 1.5" = 11.4375 / 252" = .0453"

15 yards - 7.5625" x 4.5" = 34.03125 / 540" = .0630"

So... what sight set (front sight height) do I order? I'd like to get the Competition #310-013 Fixed Fiber Sights.

Can someone help me out please?


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That Dawson sight set (310-013) comes with a .205" front sight, so you would need to add .0630 to that or a front sight of .268". The closet I see Dawson has are a .265" or a .270" fiber optic front sight that is .105" wide. That seems like a lot when the standard sight for his set is .205". 34's generally take a taller front sight that 17's, but that still seems too much. Perhaps it is your grip and hand position or trigger pull that is causing you to go high. For reference, I have Warren Sevigny rear sights with a .235" x .105" front fiber optic Dawson on my 34's and that seems good at 20 yards. Everyone is different in how they see the sights though.

Dave recommends sighting it in at 20 yards in that same section where you found the formula, so you might see how high you are at 20 yards. Based on what you are saying, you would be even higher. Rather than take a shot at getting the right front sight height on your own, you should call Dawson and see what they recommend.

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For reference, I forgot to say that the Warren Sevigny rear sight comes with a .215" tall front sight, which is good on my 17, but I had to go .020" higher to .235" tall on the 34's. I shoot 125 gr FMJ Zeros in minor (135 power factor) which tend to shoot flatter than say, 147 gr bullets, which have more of an arc in flight. Make sure that you are drawing down the top of the front sight even with the top of the rear sight. If you are not, that alone would cause you to go high on your hits. I do not know that you are, but I am just trying to make suggestions to rule out a cause other than the sight height for your new 34 hitting high. Lots of people tend to shoot Glocks high at the start because of the different grip angle from a 1911, so it could be that you just aren't used to it yet if you don't have other Glocks.

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I am having the same issue with my 34 and the competition sight set. I do have to give credit to Dawson, they stepped up right away and when I get them all the info, they are going to send me a new front sight. I was just surprised how much of a difference there was between the 17 and 34.

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