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Dillon SDB 9mm seating die - only 1 stem for RN?

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Recently, I have switched to use Bayou FP bullets. I am getting some occasional coating/lead shaving issue.

Someone suggested the I should make sure the seating die is using the "FP" stem instead of the "RN" stem. It was said that Dillon seating dies have the 2 stems that are reversible.

Today I took out the seating die on my SDB, and noticed that the die has only 1 end - that appears to be a stem for RN bullets.

This is strange, because when I was loading Xtreme plated before, I have been getting rings on the tips all the time, which was said to be caused by a FP stem on the seating die.

Can someone please confirm if the seating die stem on SDB is for RN or FP? Can someone please confirm? It may be that something else is causing the coating/lead shaving, not the seating die, although I have already belled the brass excessively.


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Unlike the 7/8-14 dies, the Square Deal seat stem must be removed from the toolhead and the other shape screwed in. 9mm comes with two stems, a RN and a hollow point/FN stem.

Thanks! I looked into the original packaging and found the other die which is for FP. Thanks again!

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