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USPSA Major Limited .40 with N320 reload data


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I searched the forum but didn't find a precise match so thought I might ask. Could a few folks with experience share their load data for USPSA Limited Major in .40 S&W for N320? I am shooting with a M&P Core 5".

I am currently using round nose hard case lead bullets, 180 gr.

I would like if possible:

1. Starting powder measure (ie 4.6 gr.)

2. OAL (ie 1.120")

3. Final powder measure you hit to make Major just for reference.

Thanks so much!

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I don't have a perfect match either, but here's a little I can share.

I was doing concurrent load development with 200gr SNS coated bullets and found the 200gr recoil was less and didn't bother to keep pushing the powder charges up to get major on 180s. But with the exception of this being the shorter barrel M&P, the steps in powder and resulting velocity gives you some indication.

All loads N320, Missouri Bullet 180gr LTC at 1.126", Winchester brass, KVB-9 Tulammo primer. All from a M&P 40 CORE 4.25". Chronoed on an overcast day at 38 degrees.

Grains PF 3.2 129 3.4 139 3.6 143 3.8 149

Good luck!

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