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extractor issues


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I'm looking for some feedback from Henning, and anybody else who may have some experience with this problem.

I have two Limited Custom pistols, both filled with Hennings products. I've started shooting again after a two year layoff, and within a month I've broken the extractor on both pistols. One of them had broken an extractor only about 5000 rounds, (and over 2 years) ago.

I haven't changed any other parts on the guns lately, and I'm using the same brass as before. I've tried feeding dummy rounds through the chambering process by racking the slide and watching them feed, I can't see any problems.

Could this be just a coincidence, or do I have a problem?

The first extractor broke (over 2 years ago) after about 15,000 rounds, I didn't think anything about it, extractors break. Then last month, the extractor broke in the second gun, it probably had 12,000 to 15,000 rounds through it. So I figured extractors only last about 15,000 rounds in these guns. But now after only about 5,000 rounds, the first gun broke again.

I'm just wondering if the two years of none use could have anything to do with this issue.


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