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mp 9mm core ported performance center review


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I started shooting plate matches after a 35 year layoff. Did not have a 9mm and saw a ported performance center in 9mm . Thought it would be a cheap way to get back in . wrong!!! first the mag na ported barrel is so dirty after a few shots I can't see

the fiber optic front post I spent 35 bucks on. After 150 rounds or so I had to soak the barrel to get it out of the slide. footed for the apex forward set trigger and like it a lot, got tired of the magna port problems so I purchased a caver comp/,kkk barrel set. It is Much cleaner,bumped up the loads a little and added a heavy recoil spring guide. I can't give a full review because the factory striiker spring gave out after 500 rounds. Started getting a miss fire or two, then would not set off any thing. Cleaned the striker port of all oil and streched the spring will set off federal primers only. If I had to do it again I would go 1911 9mm long slide with a carver optic mount. I am happy with my delta point though. Even with the comp or porting the pistol is too light to run


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