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Finding the bright side


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to leaving half of your reloading kit behind.

Moved to Phoenix to take on a new job. I packed up my car with my "can't live without it" goods, including, I thought, my reloading setup.

Uhh, nope. When I started to set it up, I realized that my dies, assmbled toolheads, and conversions are still sitting in a box in MO, waiting to be moved.

So how does that EVER have a bright side?

Having 2 .45 acp pistol setups, one that shoots reduced load SWC's very well and the other that does not - now I get to have two complete setups instead of bouncing back and forth.

Just ordered another deluxe toolhead conversion, die set, and caliber conversion via Brian. I'll be rockin' out stouter reloads for my XD in no time!

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