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gen 2 vs gen 3 question


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The finish also changed a couple times. The striker block went from machined to mim. The barrels are different from new gen 3 and the gen 2/older gen 3. The ejector went from a shorter spur on the gen2 to a longer one on the gen 3. Recoil spring assembly had a minor update, but are cross compatible.

Most of these changes were not necessarily gen 2 vs. gen 3, but original gen 2 vs current gen 3. Gluck will replace the parts that are no longer in spec for free if you send it in or if you go to a gssf match and talk to their armorer (which I just found out, and is awesome! )

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Also, Gen 2s had two pins holding the trigger, slide release, etc. Gen 3+ has three.


Only 9mm Gen 2s had 2 pins, the .40/.45/10mm Gen 2 had 3 pins. And some early 9mm Gen 3s and 2 pins :)

Yep, I guess so. I just saw two Gen2 three pin frames for sale in the classified section. I stand corrected!

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