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Just got some trigger work done.(nothing crazy) Cylinder and slide tactical kit. 1 out of 100 or so rounds the gun goes to half cock. I need to get this remedied asap, as I have a couple major matches coming up. The hammer falls at about 3.5 right now, so its not really light at all. Not sure what the hell is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In my experience, my sear spring was out of adjustment.

I saved this from an article that I read a while back. I am not sure of the author but I think it was from Brazos (apologies if it wasn't):

Gun doubling/hammer falling to halfcock – There are several reasons your gun may double or fall to halfcock:

  • Sear spring is out of adjustment – Readjust as need.
  • Overtravel is out of adjustment - Readjust as needed.
  • Sear/hammer surfaces are worn – Re-cut sear/hammer bearing surfaces.
  • Disconnector is binding – Remove any debris that may be causing the binding and make sure there is enough pressure on the middle finger of sear spring.
  • Safety is worn – Make sure the safety passes this test: With empty gun cock hammer, engage the safety, pull the trigger (hammer should not move or fall), and disengage safety (hammer should not move). If it fails this test, get it fixed immediately.
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