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New kydex holster from Armiger for USPSA - Love it.


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I thought I'd share this on the enos forums. There's a kydex holster maker that's semi-local to me. Looks like they do alot of concealed and combat style holsters, but also can custom make items for customers. I saw some pics of another person's competition setup with an Armiger Solutions holster and figured I'd ask if they could make something to suit my needs. They've got alot of different patterns, colors, and are really willing to work with me to figure out what attachments and styles would work best for me. Lights, lasers, concealed, OWB, IWB etc... whatever you want, they've got options. Best yet is that the pricing was good and the turnaround was quick (about 2 weeks).

I was considering a DAA Racer type speed holster like most of the competitors at our local club use, but for half the price I was willing to try a local company. Glad I did - I will be using Armiger again for my Limited 10 & Single stack holster.

I went with a red carbon fiber material paired with Bladetech DOS attachments. Armiger was able to do a deep plunge cut on the front to aid in drawing - so what I end up is a fuller coverage speed-style holster. The edges and molding are clean, the hardware installation is top-notch, and retention is great... not only is it easy to draw but I can hold my whole belt setup upside down and shake it without the gun coming out. Since it screws into a standard Bladetech attachment, if I ever want to change mounting methods it's as easy as removing a few screws.

Their website is in the process of being rebuit, but there's still links there:

My setup:



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Yes, it's a Limited/Open division holster and can hold any G17/22 frame with a 4.5"-5.3" slide

It has about a 1-1.5" vertical draw before it can clear the holster; similar in action to something like a DAA Racer speed holster.

My G35 can't be rocked out forward or backwards and I can hold the belt upside down and shake it without the gun falling out.

Except it's nowhere near the cost of DAA/CR/Ghost style holsters... my Armiger was about 1/2-1/3 the cost of the DAA holsters.

I'm going to take it out for a practice spin this week and a local match next weekend.

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