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Looking for advice and help

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Greetings all. I hope I am not out of line asking for free advice but my physical therapists, although very good, are not much help with this and actually look at me funny because I am asking for shooting help. It is Massachusetts after all.

Little history: I had carpal tunnel surgery both hands in 2012. Left hand worked well with all feeling returning but developed arthritis in fingers. They are now a little stiff but function.

Right hand failed and I ended up with a better surgeon who performed a median nerve release and abductor flap. Except for some pain in the palm, hand is working better than before surgery.

Other surgeries on ankle and back put me on crutches from December until recently and also caused trigger thumb right hand and trigger finger left ring finger. Both hands have been repaired again.

I have not shot a match in 2 years now and I am anxious to get back to some practice. Even though I still use a cane to assist me walking, I went to the range the other day and found that even with dry firing, my grip is gone. Trigger speed is glacial, unable to do double taps at all and keeping the sights on target is difficult. The strength for hand gun mechanics just isn't there. Arms are strong from using crutches but it us a different strength.

In the past I used the Iron Mind grippers. I was up to 10 reps each hand with the #2 gripper. Now, I cannot get more than 2 from the Trainer. Because of this, I have been using the Iron Mind Egg. I am considering the Imtug for fingers, but decided to ask here first.

What I am asking for help with is exercises to develop my forearm, wrist, fingers, and hand strength again. I also need to develop finger dexterity again. At 64yrs old, things are not coming along as I wish and the exercises I used 2 years ago, seem to hurt my hands rather than help. I am not going to be able to shoot any field courses this year because of the ankle fusion but if I can get mechanics back, i hope to shoot some steel.

Any help and advice is appreciated from the B ENOS knowledge base. and I thank you all in advance.


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Very sorry to hear about the ailments. :mellow:

I'm 70 and having some pain in right arm also,

so I"ll be monitoring this discussion very closely.

I've been doing some stretch exercises that I

found on the internet, but will add some weight

training soon.

Hope we both feel better soon. :cheers:

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Well, I am moving on. I decided to work with what worked in the past for me and just be patient with progress.

I am currently warming up with my sport Gripper on the left hand and the #1 on the right. After warmup, I use the #1 on the left hand for as many reps as I can and the #2 on the right same way. Later in the day, I work a little with the Egg.

I have an IMTUG coming to work individual fingers and for pinch strength and will see how that goes.

Here is the plan:


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