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Benelli m2 jams on shell catch


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Having issues occasionally with my m2 jamming on the shell catch. The gun was new a couple months ago. I installed a welded lifter, +9 nordic tube and spring. I also modified the shell catch a little because it was hard to load when new. I increased the size of the u shaped cutouts a little bit and bent the shell catch just a little bit away from the shell and it now loads much easier. However, once in a while the last she'll from the tube comes out most of the way and gets stuck by the shell catch. the issue is not the mag spring as it is 17" past the tube. I have also tried 3 different flowers with no change, and ammo doesn't matter. It is obviuous at this point it is something with the shell catch and I will likely replace it but I want to know why this is happening. Anyone with experience on this exact issue? I know most people's similar issues are related to a short spring. This is not the case and it does it with the factory spring and no tube extension.


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