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Guns and Jeep Wranglers

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I'm looking into a 4 door Jeep Wrangler as 3rd vehicle. I have the desire for a convertible but with the new baby I need the extra seating.

Not having owned s jeep and being a 3 gunner, I'm wondering how those who do manage the guns and security with the jeep.

I'd have few worries at the range but I'm concerned about stops on the way back for lunch or something. Especially if the top is down or the doors are off.

Obvious I could put the top up and put the front doors on (presuming I would generally leave the rear doors on and have cloth front doors), but it not like wrangler soft tops are secure, nor does that sound enjoyable when just stopping for lunch.

Not sure if I could lock the cases to the roll bar, or if I could fabricate some sort of system in the back to house the guns.

Anyone have any info? I'd hate to always have to take the truck to the range.

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I just figure when I drive the Jeep, everything is unsecured. I think if I stopped for lunch I'd be carrying my bags into the restaurant. (I just shoot pistol, so that's actually possible for me, 3 gun, not so much) I just drive the Subaru wagon, Highway patrol doesn't even look twice at me. :roflol:

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I drive a door door wrangler with a soft top (or no top) and Bkreutz is spot on with treating your jeep as unsecured.

I do like the lock boxes available online that bolt under the seats or in the back. It's not a long duration solution, but for me it's safe enough to leave in a parking lot while I eat.

Jeeps are a blast to drive though, and I would treat a car the same way in regards to firearm storage. Lots of horror stories about people losing their truck guns. Take a look at the lock boxes and how they are secured to the vehicle.

ETA sweet jeep picture

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I have an 08 Unlimited.


If you're doing 3-gun, your long guns aren't going to be secure. I put my carry pistol in a gun-vault under the drivers seat when I have to leave it in the car. Jeeps just aren't made for lockin' things up.

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So I've been doing some searching and came across these:



Looking at the interior dimensions for the tuffy, and taking them at face value, I could get a 50" case that's 4" wide, in there diagonally. All my hard cases are 48" and the ar can fit in a 44" soft case. Only the shotgun and bolt actions would need a 48" case and if I HAD to I could pull the +1 extension tube that mates with the Nordic tube on the shotgun and fit it in a 44" case. Then I'll have to get an xlr chassis with the folding stock for the bolt action :D

I think I'll take a case with me when I visit the dealer on Monday and see if any of this makes sense for real.

This could be viable, at least for short stops.

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When traveling in a vehicle with solid doors and glass windows, most of us just have our guns in a soft case of some sort and lay it in the back seat or rear floorboard. So the only thing keeping them from being stolen is for the their to break the window using some sort of tool. (hammer, rock, etc)

Now with the Jeep and a hard top and full steel doors, the same holds true. With no top, if the guns are in a hard lockable case (Patriot, Pelican, Starlight), and the case is locked to the sport bar with a good quality chain or cable, a much more specialized tool is required to get the case out. (You can't cut a 1/4" aircraft cable with a rock or hammer!) :) Throw a blanket or some jackets over the case for out-of-sight-out-of-mind sake and you're set.

I wouldn't leave them in a vehicle over night like this, but any time I stop somewhere with guns in the back I just park where I can see the vehicle from where I sit. And the obligatory Jeep pic.


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My issue is fitting into one of those. I've checked one out at NY autos how and felt like in go cart. Not a whole lot of roome there. Lol

You think that's tight, you ought to drive one of these. (this is from a Jeep rally a couple of years ago in Colorado, that's my '47 CJ2A)


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Yeah, its just a tradeoff for having fun driving to and from the range. Plan accordingly (to never be far from your vehicle if you have to stop) and all will be fine. My best days at the range included driving my 77 Bronco

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