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G34 basepads USPSA


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Looking for some base pads for my G34 gen 4 for me to shoot uspsa production with. The ones that stood out to me are the TTI and the DP EZ off. Anyone use these? I know they are both prevalent with the USPSA crowd. Comments, suggestions for different ones?

I really like the TTI's but are they worth the extra $$$?


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I have used both and like both; however, I recently bought a set of 6 of these : http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/Glock-Easy-Off-Aluminum-Extended-Basepad-p/gl-sf1.htm

I like them much better. They are the easiest to get off. They are also much cheaper. I have run them through a match and long practice session so far on some pretty rocky and then muddy bays. They held up great and worked 100%. They add an additional .6 oz to the gun also, just a heads up if you are trying to stay under weight.

Any of the 3 brands would be an improvement and will help you on your mag changes with practice. I shot better this past weekend than I have in a long time. I think the gear was definitely part of the equation. I hope that helps.

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