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Failure to fire on last round of magazine


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I have a 22/45 lite that i have fully modified with Volquartsen upgrades. I havent had many issues with it until this past weekend. I'm getting a failure to reset the trigger on the last round of my magazines. It happened almost every time on both mags i took to the range. The round looks seated properly when it happens but the trigger is not cocked so nothing happens when its pulled. All i have to do to get the round to fire is reseat the round with a half cock of the bolt. Then it fires fine. This only happens on the last round of the magazine. I didnt have an issue like this on any other rounds. I just can't seem to make sense of this. I am running standard OEM mags and I was shootiing federal Automatch and some winchester high velocity ammo but it failed on both kinds. Anyone know why this is happening?

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