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List of good / bad movies


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Based on this thread:


... Which isn't getting any action :)

I came up with the idea for this thread. Post your favorite movies that are so bad that they are good.

Coincidentally, after One Man's Justice finished, the move Riddick came on. It definitely fits this category.

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Some I wish I could name but they aren't even in distribution yet....

I have kids, and some of the kids movies I have been forced to watch have been pretty good.

Rabid. It was the first gory movie I watched on a pay television service back when you had one box with one button, you switched your television to channel 3 and pushed the button, and there was your unscrambled signal for pay t.v..

Galaxina. Another early Sci-Fi dud that was great when I was young, and I would sit through it again.

Robocop, the original.

The original movie from the 70s, The Gumball Rally. Just junk but I loved those films.

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Battlefield Earth should certainly fit right in. With the script from an L. Ron Hubbard book it's about as strange as Scientology.

Battlefied Earth (the movie) is so bad that it's just bad. And that's coming from a "Battlefield Earth" fan (of the book).

Now "Doom" the movie (not the game) has gotten a LOT of bad reviews, but I love that movie. The first person shooter scene is awesome! One of the few DVD's that I still own.

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The clear winner is The Room.

"Your tearing me apart LISA!"

What year was it released? IMDB has "The Room" for 3 different years.

Don't know if you ever found the right one. He's talking about one released in 2003. It is truly horrible.

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