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XL650: Shell Plate Not Rotating/Advancing


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Hello All,

Just getting back into reloading and I'm currently trying to set up my XL650.

I noticed that when I pull the handle the shell plate is not rotating/advancing to the next station as it should.

I can rotate the plate by hand and it rotates very smoothly just not when I pull the handle.

The plate came installed (9mm) so I have not done anything to it.

Before I start taking things apart I figured I would ask for some quick advise to pin point the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,


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Thanks BritinUSA for your quick response. I could not find anything helpful on pg 43 so I just started taking things apart and after a careful examine I could see the ring indexer was not getting returned back to its starting position because the index return spring was not connected. Easy fix. It is now working fine.



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