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CZ 75 SP-01, Bayou 135, Vhitavuori N320 and WST


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Velocity results from recent range trip and a question. Here's the data

Bullet: Bayou Bullets 124gr RN sized to .357
OAL: 1.135"
Powder: VV N320 and WST
Crimp: 0.378
Brass: Federal range pickup
Primer: CCI SPP #500

N320 Data


WST Data





My question is, with the WST, what kind of margin of error should I be looking for? I would like to make power factor at any temperature. Which load would you pick? 4.3 and 4.6 grains were the most accurate, but all were pretty similar. No pressure signs from any of the loads.

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I use a lot of N320 and WST. I don't use WST in 9mm, yet, but I do use both in 45acp. The SD for WST is typically 3-4x more than N320, from my experience. Typically I see N320 in the single digit range (3-5fps) and WST in the double digits (12-20fps)

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