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I meased up my SA ambi safety


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What was a simple Dawson Ice magwell install and detail strip (for the first time) turned into a broken ambi safety on my SA loaded. I was leveraging the safety with aluminum stock for a little bit. When I some the left side safety move a little bit, it was over. The safety was already bent.

How do you guys revome your ambi safety? The springfield's was so stiff. The ambi would not even budge with the use of my hands, stupid me I thought of leveraging it with an aluminum stock.

I examined the SA safety and they do fit pretty stiff. Are aftermarket ambi's also this stiff?

Now I'm the the market for an ambi safety. Any recommendations? I was thinking of either an STI or Wilson Combat high thumb?

Thank you

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In my opinion having to pry on the left side safety is NOT good. A safety is a hand fit proposition in most cases and not a drop in fit. If you need yours replaced have springfield or a local trusted gunsmith do it. It sounds like its out of the scope of your knowledge base to do yourself.

The only time prying would be called for would be removing the right side safety as the press fit of the two halves of the ambi safety some times is stubborn. the tip of a small jewelers screwdriver under the safety (in a location you wouldn't see a scratch if you slip) would be easiest. The left side should always be removed without forcing it by wiggling it and pulling on it at about the 1/2 way point of engagement. NEVER force the primary safety lever to remove or install it. If its giving you trouble, Stop and try again, but don't force it.

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I experienced difficulty removing the primary side thumb safety of my new ambi safety on my MilSpec until final fitting was accomplished. I used a small punch from the right side to assist in freeing it. Once fitted appropriately, the safety was easy to remove using the techniques mentioned prior.

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First off, the hammer has to be cocked to remove a safety. Make sure that's the case.

If a safety is an issue for me, I use an old credit card as a wedge underneath. If more is required I'll do the jewler's screwdriver thing. But if you do that, make dang sure you're not going to dent or scratch the frame where you're pressing for leverage! That's why I prefer using a wedge, if I can.

Always remember: screw up the cheap part, not the expensive one! (And act like you have a choice).

The 2 halves of the SV ambi I just installed were STOOPID tight. I ended up having to file down the engagement (between halves) to make it manageable.

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Ok, I dealt with the same thing, and I'm about to give you the most awesome tip for removing the right side. They are an incredible pain in the ass to remove, I don't even remember how long it took me before I figured this out (I took one pic I could try posting by I think you guys will get it). and even with this it was a bear. I did some filing before fitting it back together.

You need:

1. plastic drinking straw(s)

2. forceps

The straws are surprisingly strong, I did break one though and had to get a second one before it came apart, yes mine was fitting that tight. I don't know if they use a hydraulic press to fit them together or solder them (tongue in cheek) but it's stupid crazy tight. The trick to not damaging it is not leveraging it or pulling anywhere except right at the post. So take the straw and slide it between the frame and the safety (once it' moves a little you can double it and it works even better), get it right up against the shaft and then grasp both sides of it with the forceps and lock them down. Mine have a little spike in the jaws which really helped hold onto it. Then you use that to pull while you try moving the strong side slightly to get it in the perfect spot. On mine it still moved really slow and I ended up breaking the first straw.

If you have a chair with a slatted back, I used mine to put the handles through and it made it easier to pull the gun with one hand and manipulate the safety with my other.

Good luck. I'm eventually going to go single side safety so this would have been an opportunity for me. not that I like that kind of opportunity mind you, I feel for ya.


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