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GECO 124gr FMJ Same today as 12 years ago?


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I purchased Dynamit Nobel manufactured GECO 9mm 124gr FMJ many years ago, made in Troisdorf, Germany.

It was in a black, gold and blue box. It had a brass jacket rather than a copper jacket. This was a very accurate product.

Does anyone know if the current production 124gr FMJ 9mm in the orange and black box is the same product?

Recently I have seen the 124gr and 115gr listed on websites as made in Switzerland, Hungary, Germany...

And are the primers now crimped?

I'd like to know before I buy a lot.


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Good point. I just stuck a magnet on the old stuff and it is steel! I've never thought to check it.

In looking at the reviews on palmetto state armory's web page it looks like the recent stuff is still steel and the 124 is Swiss and the 115 is Hungarian.

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A lot of European 124 gr FMJ 9mm is 'NATO style' and uses steel bimetal jacketing, it's cheaper than all copper.

A lot of ranges ban magnetic ammo because it will spark against steel back stops.

I've even heard of range fires because of it.

for your reading pleasure:


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