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p-01 or Rami


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I am doing a ccw over haul here and need some opinions. Currently I started shooting my brand new stock sp-01 with nothing other then CGW sights on it and the gun is awesome vs my g17. Felt recoil is way down and the gun shoots flat and follow ups are so much faster. Of course this has my interest and now I want to get a cz on my ccw. I have the p-01 and love it as well. Dont get me wrong a g26 will be on the ccw as well since it feels the same as my g17 which I am used to for production class.

My issue is I am in California so ccw considerations for me are more to do about the 10 round limit. Basically my thought is why carry the p-01 if both the rami and it hold 10 rounds but one is larger. I understand larger in this sense gives me better control of the gun but I am experienced enough to shoot just about anything well. My Shield even with the pinky off the gun I thought would be an issue but I shoot it just as well with the grip extension as I do with out. I didnt think this would be the case and never considered sub compacts before. I would say 1 handed drills of any sort having that pinky off does suck.

So my question to you guys is about the Rami. How reliable is it and what are your thoughts on it vs the p-01. Ideally where I am going with this is having the same platform as my USPSA gun on my ccw and both these guns would fit that perfectly. Keep in mind, I have 10 rounds no matter what I do, otherwise my choice would be to have the p-01 on my permit.

Basically my permit would be g26, shield, and rami or p-01. This has me covered for what ever kick I am on for USPSA. Glock 17 then the g26 will ride in my waist band or if its my SP-01 then the Rami/p-01. Shield would be that "super thin I really need to conceal it well" choice.

Thanks guys. I trust this community because everyone here are real shooters and know what they are talking about.

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I would go with the P-01 if it were me. The Rami is not that much shorter length-wise, but the grip area is just not there for me (yes I know I can get extended mags to give me more grip area). With the right holster the P-01 is just as concealable as the Rami IMHO.

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