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New Toy, Webley Mark IV 38/200


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So I have been looking for a Webley, Mark IV 38 or Mark VI 455 for many many moons. Most of the ones I found where either worn out from neglect or abuse, or way too expensive. I finally got lucky and won an auction for a pretty unique Webley Mark IV. It is, if you can believe it, NIB and is one of the last 250 made when Webley & Scott stopped making them back in 1982.


Came with a display box



Holster from Mountain State Supply (ebay) but it fits perfectly although not 100% period correct and ain't going to win any fast draw contests.



I probably should not shoot it but I probably will; can't bear to watch a firearm get turned into a Safe Queen. I have a couple boxes of 38S&W and I have located two sources of bullets the replicated the original 38/200 bullet profile and are size correctly to 0.361. The original 38/200 Mark I load was a soft 200gr hemispherical round nose bullet going a blazing 625 fps. Looking forward to working up a replica load. From what I read I should be able to swap out my 38 Special die for a 38 Super die and use my 38 Short Colt tool head to load 38S&W. And that Mark I load makes just makes minor and K-frame Safariland Comp III's work just fine with 38S&W and the Webley. :goof:

One other thing, if you have your heart set on a Webley Mark VI in 455 Webly there is a chance Webley & Scott is going to make more from the original prints. Check out the following link: http://webleymkvi.com/ That would be spectacular if it happens.

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If they are reintroducing something, it should be a British Bulldog. With modern metallurgy, they should be able to chamber it in .45 ACP. That would be a great little beast of a pocket gun.

Nice catch on the 100-year Model, mcb!

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A British Bulldog in 45 ACP would be awesome, but that might be a useful revolver... modern manufactures can't make a useful revolver just more useless revolvers like the Judge...

The 455 Webley Mark VI is still way up there on my list. If they make them I will very likely buy one assuming it's not stupid expensive.

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***Range Report***

Got a little free time and ran over to the local indoor range for an hour this afternoon. I put 70rds though it today, 20rds of 145gr Prvi Partizan and a full box of 146gr Magtech. It like the Magtech better although that stuff was unbelievably filthy. I bet cordite would have been cleaner. Despite the filth it shot better than I expected and to point of aim fairly well. I did not expect that since I assumed the sights were regulated for 38/200 ammo not 146 gr 38S&W.


The picture is 12rds touching a 2 inch circle at ~25ft fired double-action.

Trigger reset was slow a few times and the ejector sticks out sometimes. I field stripped and lubricated it before shooting, but it really needs a full dis-assembly, de-burr a few parts, detailed cleaning and fresh lubrication.

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If you can get speedloaders for it, could you rock it in classic division ?

Comp III's for a K-frame works pretty good stock. The Magtech ammo in the video is also about 0.060 under Max length for 38S&W. I think if I Bubberize the bodies and shorten the center star and trigger post down about and 1/8 inch each it would work even better especially when I load some 200gr bullet out at max OAL. It would get a lot more bullet in the cylinder before the speedloader releases.

The Safariland 568 Holster I purchase for my Model 10 is not to bad a fit for the Webley. Barrel sticks out of the bottom some but not enough to snag the front sight. I probably won't shoot too many matches with it but I am definitely going to shoot a couple just for giggles.


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Have you ever watched the TV series Foyles War?

PBS British WWII, many webleys and Enfield's.

Good show

I have not, but I will, thanks for the suggestion!

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