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elevated barrel rib


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Years ago I noticed I shoot much better with an elevated rib on shotguns. My dove o/u has a raised rib and I'm more accurate with it then with my duck auto(beretta). I like shooting heavy metal so when I got a new pump I went with a stoeger p350. I think it pointed better than the nova I was looking at and better than my Remington. Question is does anyone else feel the same and why don't more shotguns have a raised rib.

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standard ribs or trap rips? I much prefer a ribbed shotgun, other than tactical shotguns with short barrels I don't know why anybody would even produce one without it. I'd never own one. and oddly it's much more expensive (last I looked) to add a rib to a barrel than to just buy a barrel with the rib already on it.

I think the height of the rib though has more to do with your sight picture related to the fit of the shotgun and the way the stock fits you. In other words, any rib height, if the stock fit you right, would probably be the same for you. getting you the right sight picture. do you find yourself using high or extra high rings on your rifles? (my cheekbones for some reason make it so I have to use high rings on everything, modern straight stock rifles don't fit me as well as older ones that have the drop in the comb). a higher rib would let you keep your head more upright, all things being equal.

Now, there are trap ribs, and those actually change where you aim. with a standard/sporting rib you put the bead on the bird/target and pull the trigger. with a trap rib (for shooting trap) you hold right under the bird, lets you see it the whole time. sporting ribs are supposed to be better for fast shooting.

there's a lot of options out there now, tall ribs, adjustable ribs, removable ribs. crazy. I shoot a 57' browning superposed lightning, trap rib, I'd like to check out one of the superposed with a broadway rib (3/8" wide). wonder how that looks out in front of you.


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