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Cost of .40 brass?


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I was paying $30/1000 for dirty police range pickup. Boy was it dirty. I bought 3000. Later, a shooter said he had way to much brass and wanted to get rid of some to make room. I had him ship 3000 cleaned. I paid $40/100, but they were wet tumbled with SS media and shined. Beautiful. I'm hooked. From now on I'm only going to buy fully processed 40sw brass.

Stryker used to have great deals on fully processed brass, but they have been backordered forever. East Coast arsenal has fully processed 40sw brass for just under 7 cents ea. The push thru size, full length resize, deprime and swage, then wash. When I need more I'll try them. https://eastcoastarsenal.com/product/40-sw-processed-brass/

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