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LF 9mm STI 2011 for Steel Challenge


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Posted this in the classifieds but thought a lot of the Steel people would see it here as well.

Figured with the new DVC limited coming out and all of the 3gun shooters out there someone is bound to have a double stack 9mm laying around that they want to get rid of. Need an iron sighted limited gun, already have an open one.

Looking for an STI so that I can use the same mags as I use with my Steel Master open gun, but can always use a couple of extra if you have them. 2011 will give me the same grip on both guns.

Not looking to inherit your problem child. As we all know steel is all about having a gun that runs. Might even ask for a 1 week trial period to make sure it's going to work. Don't want to get stuck with someone's self build that doesn't work.

Something stock or close to stock is preferred. Not looking for a full custom gun or I would have my own built.

PM me with what you have. Am open to different options. Willing to rebarrel if need be.


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