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I was using 5 weight Mobil 1 for a few years. Recently switched to Italian Gun Grease's Tactical Lube/Oil. I am amazed at how much smoother my 1911/2011s feel when racking them and shooting them and they seem to stay cleaner. IGG has small samples you can buy or maybe just email them and ask for a free sample ;)

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I know everyone does it differently.... I'm just looking for ideas to try new things.

So what is everyone using to lube their internals/slides?

P.S. If this is in the wrong area someone says so.

Slide Glide mixed with FP-10 to adjust the viscosity as needed.

Got too go as well

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I have used A - Z and never perceived a difference. My gut feeling is any decent oil will do the job. Everything else is marketing by modern day Snake Oil salesmen bamboozling the feeble minded into overpaying for a flashy product.

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