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Extractor marks on my cases


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Started reloading 308's for my new build. An ar10 with criterion 20 inch match barrel. Bolt and barrel checked by Fulton Armory and headspace checks fine.

When fired some cases have a round extractor mark, and burr on case head, only on my reloads.

Also the odd round won't go into battery, and I have had 2that totally jamed in the chamber bending the case.

I am using Dillon dies, and have gone as far as dialing down the die until it touches the shell plate.

The case gage shows it to be perfect.

I'm using Speer 168 gr HPBT Match with Varget 44grs. Chrono is 2637 average.

Had a similar problem with my AR15 then switched to a small base die, now all is perfect...

Are Dillon dies not compatible with Semi autos?

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Regardless of what your or any case gauge says, you should be able to chamber and unload sized brass or loaded ammo without any issue at all. If its tough to close or you cant close the bolt you need to size the case more (provided you are not jamming bullets, you trim the cases and you don't have a big burr on the neck of the case) to the point where things work. Ejector marks on brass in a semi auto are usually an indication of needing more sizing provided you are attempting to shoot a moderate load.

44g of varget with a 168g is on the bot side for a gas gun especially if you are using MIL cases.

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