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40sw Titegroup & N320 Jacketed vs. Lead/Coated Charge Difference


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For those of you guys who have tested it... think you could answer these questions?

What is the difference in powder charge between a 180gr at 1.185" when loading jacketed vs. lead/moly/coated.

What is the difference in powder charge between a 165gr at 1.185" when loaded jacketed vs. lead/moly/coated.

I have 320 and Titegroup that I need to figure out a ballpark starting load for my 165gr SNS Coated.

I know that a 165gr JHP at 1.185" needs 5.4gr of TG to 170ish pf.

I know that a 180gr lead at 1.185" needs 4.6gr of 320 to go 170ish pf.

Trying to interpolate a starting point.

I know that I need approx. 0.5gr more red dot to make the same pf between 165gr and 180gr, seeing if this would be a similar starting point for 320 and TG.

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