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You really can't "shield" the chrono with anything that would keep a bullet from damaging the skyscreens or the base unit. Most would assume that such shielding would be steel, right? Hitting a piece of steel that is only ten feet in front of your face with a bullet is not conducive to safety. In the words of the PACT Chronograph's Instruction Manual..."Pieces of bullet will come back and rip your eyes out!!".

I saw the wood block that was in the link. An interesting concept, but I'd be afraid that a bullet would be deflected and go flying off into "wherever"...

With that being said, the best way to avoid shooting your chrono is to use some form of a pistol rest.

The second best way is to actually aim THROUGH the aiming area at a very small object on the back berm of the range.

Some people give me crap because I don't use a rest when chrono'ing at matches. But what I do actually works for me because I am too tall to use most rests off of a short table. I use a "chrono coffin" and I cut a 2X2 hole in the cardboard that covers each end of the box. That hole is centered in the aiming area and enforces the "Aim Small, Miss Small" principle.

With the exception of a certain GM's gun at Area 6 last year that was zeroed so far off that it hit about 8 inches low right at 10 feet, I haven't touched a chrono despite shooting upwards of 1000 guns at matches in the last 3 years.

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